Private Residence

This cozy family home is on the top floor of a center city modern high-rise. The design responds to the family’s need for an intimate and warm environment while attending to the request for multifunctional spaces. A perforated screen wall separates the foyer from the kitchen, allowing light to filter in. Reflective golden-toned paint is used on the wall to enhance the atmospheric effect. A hallway, carved out in a sinuous form, connects the foyer to the living room featuring a large fireplace clad in earth-colored quartzite stone, also used for the kitchen countertops. Retractable textile partitions separate living room areas when in the open position. When the veils are closed, the luster fabric is contained in wall niches becoming an additional soft and reflective layer that further enhances the atmospheric effect. While responding to functional requirements, the design also fosters a feeling of intimacy and relaxation through the use of light and natural materials.


Location Philadelphia
Completion Date 2024
Program Private Residence