Dragani Martone Studio | dMAS is an award-winning architecture and design studio in Philadelphia. Led by Alfred Dragani and Concetta Martone, dMAS is committed to reshaping the built environment through a thoughtful and collaborative approach to design. Deliberately, we seek out projects that are diverse in type, and range in scales from academic and cultural institutions, to private residences, and work spaces. We approach each project as an opportunity to solve problems for people and to make a societal and cultural impact.


We serve clients through a four-pillared approach of Inquiry, Collaboration, Research, and Implementation to provide functional and innovative solutions through the creative process. The architecture we create is a direct response to the unique circumstances and parameters of each project.


The studio’s services include feasibility studies, programming and conceptual design, design of interior spaces, design of new structures, and adaptive reuse of existing structures. Adaptive Reuse of existing buildings is an area of great interest to our studio and a focus of our research. Recycling and imagining new uses for existing buildings, infrastructure, and open spaces hold great promise for the making of sustainable communities and the reinvigoration of the urban environment.

Alfred Dragani
Founding Principal

Alfred Dragani is a founding principal of dMAS. Alfred’s experience in professional practice spans over 30 years. Throughout his career, he has served in a leadership and design role on award-winning projects for institutional, corporate, and private clients. With the founding of dMAS, he has established a design practice centered on the core mission of problem-solving for clients informed by rigorous evaluation and assessment of each project’s particular circumstances. The studio culture at dMAS is built around the creative process and its power to make architecture and spaces for people that transcend construction and satisfy the functional, programmatic, sheltering, and aspirational needs of their end-users. A focus area of architectural practice at dMAS under Alfred’s leadership is Sustainable Design directed at the Adaptive Reuse of existing buildings and infrastructure through in-depth assessment methodologies, and research in pursuit of innovative design solutions. The firm’s award-winning Collaborative Work Space project in Old City is a prime example of how an existing building can be repurposed through the careful leveraging of its embodied assets to facilitate new functions and program.

Concetta Martone
Founding Principal

Concetta Martone is a founding principal of dMAS. She is an art and architectural historian specialized in Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture. Concetta began her studies in Naples, Italy and later relocated to Philadelphia to attend graduate school. She received a PhD in Art History from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and has lectured at many local institutions while maintaining a position as professor of history of architecture at Thomas Jefferson University. Concetta has participated in conferences in the United States, and Europe and plans to publish a book on her research. With her background in the history of art and architecture, she brings a unique perspective to the process of conceiving and making works of architecture that transcend materials and construction. Her knowledge of history and strong interest in the relationship between culture, identity, and architectural expression provide a significant contribution to dMAS’s theoretical framework.