Alfred Dragani is a founding principal of d·M A S.  Prior to beginning the practice, he was a senior architect at the internationally acclaimed firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. While at BCJ he managed a wide range of award winning institutional and residential projects. He was the project manager and lead designer for the Colombiere Chapel and Community Residence, which in 2013 received two Philadelphia Chapter AIA Honor Awards for Design Excellence, the Faith and Form Award, and the Chicago Athenaeum Award. With the founding of d·M A S, he has established an architectural practice centered on the belief that great works of architecture are the product of a reductive design process that utilizes only the essential properties of materials, construction and light to create places of consequence that resonate with their human inhabitants.

Concetta Martone is a founding principal of d·M A S. She is an art and architectural historian specialized in Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture. Concetta began her studies in Naples, Italy and later relocated to Philadelphia to attend graduate school. She received a PhD in Art History from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and has lectured at many local institutions while maintaining a position as professor of history of architecture at Philadelphia University. Concetta has participated in conferences in the United States, and Europe and plans to publish a book on her research. With her background in the history of art and architecture, she brings a unique perspective to the process of conceiving and making works of architecture that transcend materials and construction. Her knowledge of history and strong interest in the relationship between culture, identity, and architectural expression provide a significant contribution to d·M A S's theoretical framework.